GARDEN OF EDEN  APOTHECARY -  "Love is the Water of Life"
We are located "on the Green" in the heart of
 Downtown Point Reyes Station, Ca, USA,
one block south of Main Street, AKA Highway 1.
Point Reyes Station was in the news worlwide a few Novembers ago as we hosted HRH Prince Charles of England and his wife Lady Camilla in our 
communities and the Point Reyes Station Farmers's Market.
Our town is located in West Marin, Marin County, CA 94956, USA.
It is nestled in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area : surrounded by several thousand square miles of pristine wild and agricultural lands under the tutelage of the National Park Service -NPS-. The West end of our County,  known as West Marin, is home to a great be continued
(Jan 11, 2010)
Here are a few photos of the Apothecary....inside and out. More
will be posted as our site keeps growing.
           Enjoy the guided visit!
The path to Garden of Eden  is decked with the glorious blooms of PASSIFLORA INCARNATA in the the Spring  and Summer time. The nature of the vine is such that we need to keep "an eye" on its growth": it is indeed  a very vigorous grower and we are constantly having to remove the many runners sent in all directions from its home base.  Why, you ask?. (Especially since I had to look high and low to locate the seedling some 10 years back).
I planted it a couple of feet away from the north-east wall of the shop.  Its beauty and great medicinal properties almost warrant it being given free rein...almost ! Here is a fine example of why it is always recommended to "cultivate" the relationship with the plants that we plant.  In our case,  the life-force that runs within and through PASSIFLORA's veins is such that we witnessed it having displaced a  roof gutter by 2 inches a few years back...
Enough said? 
 In one season of growth, our plant reaches fairly gigantic proportions :it goes from its spindly remains after the frost, to a solid wall of dark green foliage that is 5 feet wide by 12 feet tall in 4 months. Had several "serious" trimmings not kept it on very short reins, its size would easily have been tripled the one mentioned.  Beware, lovers of PASSIFLORA! 
We use some of the fresh, upward striving strands , clipped at about 5 feet off the ground, in our HEALING SALVE to calm wounded tissue down; we also make a superb smokey tasting infusion out of the leaves and some tinctures from those and the blossoms.
*read more on our "HEALING SALVE "
Our sign, created by Point Reyes artist Lila Scott, is easily recognizable along the  small walkway.
The inside of the store is fairly small, warm and intimate and smells wonderful...the aroma is rich and substantial, being made up of  a great layering of genuine, pure, unadulterated essences.
Possibly the most common unrequested comment offered us by our visitors is one that addresses the beautiful aroma that wafts from inside the store and reaches out quite far down the path . Quite a few of these folks only briefly step into the space to tell us, 
tongue in cheek, "it smells so good in here, you need to bottle it up and sell it!"
There are approximately 150 dried botanicals all lined up in glass jars , ready to invite you into both their simple yet profound complexity as healing allies, and the thick aroma of the varied, and exquisite therapeutic grade essential oils I add to our SALVES , LUSCIOUS  CREAMS and MASSAGE OILS.  
After 13 years at the Garden of Eden , I am convinced that such  quality is recognizable and recognized by folks who have no training in the art of Aromatherapy. And this, in a world saturated with deceiptful and injurious chemical and synthetic "fragrances" from the chemical industry! Speaks highly for the "natural" gifts of Homo Sapiens!
Throughout our days we keep several HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS lit: as they get warm, they emit negative ions which are essential in their ability  to counteract the harmful effects  of various EMFs inside the space , protecting both people and plants. Their
attractiveness and glowing beauty combined with their healing nature, especially where the LUNGS are concerned, make them a very desirable HEALING ADJUNCT.
We are blessed to "keep" a small patch of ST.JOHN'S WORT in the tiny and vital garden that "grounds" the herb shop. Over the 10 years of our life together, I have come to appreciate some of its nature: the plant is a wanderer, a bit  like me ...the initial planting was about 25 feet from where it chooses to be today. From year to year, the clump has migrated,  almost all the way across the garden, heading West.
It stays very close to the ground till  early June , as it readies to bloom. The plants then litterally "stand up" by shooting forth from the ground many erect, strong, reddish stems: those support the growth of more foliage and by St John's day, Summer Solstice, a plume of 6 to 8 inches of brilliantly golden, 5 petal blossoms can be seen,
*Read more on wildcrafting and tincturing St John's Wort on
the " STORIES, HERBAL and OTHERS" page.
The store is within walking distance of Tomales Bay. The sunsets can be stunning! Enjoy this  remarkable one.
(I beg forgiveness from the author of the photo for not remembering their name and not being able to give them proper credit).
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