Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest


Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest


I knew very little about No California's plants and trees till I discovered Michael Moore's book! Through living with my copy, now taped up due to long use, I discovered the mysterious and extraordinary world of the Redwoods for instance, our iconic, Ca-only Tree Master!

HIGH RECOMMEND for any Ca Herbalist-to-be, tree lover etc

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Michael Moore, renowned herbalist, teacher, and author of several medicinal plant books, presents a one-of-a-kind guide to over two hundred species of plants geographically ranging from Baja California to Alaska. This uniquely attractive book educates the reader to both native and introduced species within this region. 82 major plant monographs, with details of identification, habitat, constituents, collecting, processing and storage, stability, preparations, medicinal uses and contraindications.  With over eighty line drawings, forty-four color photographs, maps, and a glossary, this book contains clear and reliable information on identification and safe use of the plants; appearance, habitats, collecting methods, and storage; therapeutic uses, constituents, and preparations; potential toxicities and medical contraindications; and tea-making, tincturing, and salve making. 

Like a grizzled old botanical Lone Ranger galloping solo across the vast frontier of Western Herbalism, Michael Moore, steadfast and true, rides to the rescue again...he presents a tremendous amount of information concisely while infusing it with wisdom, wit, and personal reminiscences
— Michael Castleman, THE HERB COMPANION
This is the crowning jewel in Moore’s trinity of books on medicinal plants of western North has the best glossary I have ever seen in an herb book.
— Steven Foster, HERBALGRAM
West Coast herbalists, naturalists and wildflower enthusiasts will find renewed appreciation for the plants in their bioregion from even a cursory reading of this deeply detailed work. Makes me want to move west.
— Susan Weed

364 pp. ISBN 1-878610-31-7