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Luscious Cream

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A Limited Edition offering. A must and delight for all who have found it almost impossible to apply a "store-bought" cream to their faces without experiencing distress in one form or another. This rich and creamy Ivory Cream is a deep invitation to Women and Men, with all skin types, to experience the joy and relief of a meticulously, Hand-Crafted creation; safe, non-irritating and non-toxic.

Soothing and smoothing, our Luscious Cream Moisturizes, Beautifies and Clears the skin of Face, Neck and Decollete with each and in between applications. Loved by many Women and Men, our Cream is made in tiny batches to control quality and ensure freshness and delivers its outstanding organic promises.

100% Organic Ingredients: Oils of Golden Northern CA Olive and Raw Coconut, Fair Trade Shea Butter -SPF 5-, Fresh Calendula blossoms, Aloe Vera gel, Kangen "Beauty Water” 6.0 pH, Eden's Lavender Hydrosol, Non-GMO Vitamin E oil, Lavender Essential oil, Pure Beeswax, Light and Love.

Apply a small amount with clean hands, in small circular motions.

Dear folks, a friend brought me a jar of your Luscious Moisturizer from her vacation in California. I am crazy about it!. Kindly let me know how I can obtain more...
— Ms. Wendi K., New York, NY.