Rosa Bella Cream


Rosa Bella Cream

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The lush pink blush of our cream, its authentic and lasting, 100% non-synthetic, "to die for",  Rose Aroma, and its light yet unctuous feel on the skin has made Rosa Bella  a must for all Rose Lovers!

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Rosa Bella, Angel Soft Skin Cream.

Our Rosa Bella highly benefits dry/aging and damaged skin. For those who insist on the purest organic ingredients and integrity of manufacturing practices.

100% Organic Ingredients: Golden oil of Northern CA Olive, Sunflower & Raw Coconut, Alkanet root, Kangen "Beauty Water" 6.0 pH,  Local Rose Damask Hydrosol, Pure Beeswax, Turkish Rosa Damascena Essential oil and Certified Non-GMO
Vitamin E oil, Light & Love!

please note, all of Eden's Handmade products can be requested 'Essential Oil Free' - please state this in the