Praise for Plant Distillation Workshop, Esalen, May 2015

I loved how you connected respect and love for nature with making the products
You explained everything in enough detail for us to easily understand but more importantly, for us to enjoy!
This was the BEST workshop I’ve ever done at Esalen!
...I will be able to identify and use wild plants
I loved how you made the process a ritual on many levels
this workshop with you helped me feel embodied, reconnected to source, and deeply nourished... helped me deepen my roots to this Earth, and to heal the divine feminine within me.
Going through the gardens with that heightened Chi and presence was magical for me
I’ve learned to tap into my own intuition, and to trust in the wisdom and knowledge inside of me explored beyond the chemical aspects of the herbs and taught us about herbology’s spiritual side
I came here to have a deep plant experience and your use of pace and embodiment via breath work was an ideal way...
I learned how to be with flowers and plants, their properties and the whole process of making different skincare products
I learned to be one with my surroundings rather than just admiring them

Praise for Salve-Making Class, Acalones School District